The Queensland Government today released its long awaited response to the Costello audit review.

The government accepted the majority of the recommendations, but rejected the sale of electricity infrastructure.

Jonanthan Ayre reports.


Outsourcing is the government’s new favourite word.

It was used often in their response to the audit commission report.

Tabled in parliament today, it recommended the sale or lease of government assets and out-sourcing services.

Campbell Newman, Premier: “The government is focused on delivering better services for all Queenslanders.”

While the government maintains it will seek a mandate for asset sales, there is a huge number of recommendations for outsourcing government services.

Facing privatisation are passenger trains in Brisbane, health services such as radiology and pharmacies and all services in new hospitals.

As announced yesterday, school closures will be considered and government businesses such as the Queensland Investment Corporation and Qbuild may be sold or privatised.

However, the government ruled out the sale of electricity assets and ports, but is considering leasing Gladstone and Townsville ports.

It also said no to consolidating government-owned corporations, and out-sourcing corrective services and existing hospitals.

In addition, job cuts are expected with the out-sourcing of all government IT services.

Tim Nicholls, Treasurer: “The conclusion in the report is that there are no simple solutions. We have to take steps to improve productivity in order to continue to be able to deliver the services that we have been delivering in the past.”

The opposition slammed the report.

Curtis Pitt, Opposition Treasury Spokesperson: “It is about slashing services, sacking workers and selling off Queensland’s assets. When implemented, this report will have devastating impacts on the lives of Queenslanders.”

Unions aren’t happy either.

Owen Doogan, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union: “It’s quite a shock to say the least that anyone would have the audacity to treat the people of Queensland with such absolute contempt.”

Alex Scott, Secretary, Together Queensland: “They’ve lied in the past, they’re lying today and they’ll lie in the future.”

Jonathan Ayre, QUT News.