A jobs and skills expo at Eagle Farm Racecourse today was packed with unemployed Queenslanders.

Since the expos started in 2009, more than 26,000 people have been put back to work nationwide.

Thomas Brakstad reports.


Queensland’s unemployment rate sits a five-point-nine per cent.

The Employment Minister says the government is doing its part to get Queenslanders back to work.

Kate Ellis, Employment Minister: “We know that there’s been already over 2000 people through the doors here, and it shows that Queenslanders want to work, they want to be supported and I’m really delighted that we can support them with over 500 jobs on offer at the jobs board behind me.”

Today’s expo was the seventy-sixth of its kind giving job seekers a chance to meet potential employers.

Malcom Mill, Jobs and Skills Expo Director: “They can see the job opportunities on the board, you know, literally touch them; it’s not about applying online and then hoping. We can actually connect people and you can have a chat face to face with an employer.”

And for some that’s made a real difference.

Martin Gaillard, Job seeker: “It’s very difficult at the moment because of the jobs you apply for, hundreds are applying. Plus age, there’s no such things as discrimination but there is slightly in the hospitality industry.”

From school leavers, to people approaching retirement. More than 2000 Queenslanders sought a chance to gain fulltime employment in a depressed jobs market.

The expo isn’t only for job seekers many came along to extend their skill-set.

Vox 1: “I’m actually just looking for an apprenticeship in diesel fitting, seeing what else is around.”

Vox 2: “We are international students and we’re looking for some training partnership.”

Vox 3: “I’m between jobs at the moment so I’m looking into moving to something different, change streams.”

This was the fourth expo in the Brisbane area with almost 100 businesses attending.

Thomas Brakstad, QUT News.