Broncos player Ben Hannant today gave students at Hilder Road State School a lesson on being healthy.

It’s part of an initiative by Brisbane’s Produce Market to get more nutrition into school lunch boxes.

Anna Wall reports.


Today Hannant took on more of a teacher’s role than a footballer.

His message is that teaching kids to eat healthy starts with parents knowing how to prepare healthy food.

Ben Hannant, Broncos Player: “I think a big thing for kids is for them to actually just try it. I think education is for the parents to be able to find quick and easy ways to make healthy snacks.”

Being a spokesperson for the Lunch Box program is important for Hannant, who is always conscious of what his own family eats.

Ben Hannant, Broncos Player: “I think so when they recognise someone they know on TV or someone they look up to on the sporting field, to see that they eat that way and their kids eat the same way, that they’ll give it a go.”

The program is popular and targeting over 800 schools across Queensland.

It includes recipes, handy hints and food facts all of which end up in making the humble lunch box a more a healthy and appetising treat.

Vikki Leng, Bris Mark Executive: “They’re not all goody two shoes but they are very healthy. They do fit the Australia Dietary Guidelines, that sounds a bit boring but they’re really delicious and they’re quick and easy.”

And the children here agree.

VOX 1: “I like all the food because it was all yummy and healthy.”

VOX 2: “My favourite thing was getting a chance to see all these new recipes.”

VOX 3: “Ben’s really nice and he teaches us how to eat healthy food.”

VOX 4: “He’s a great role model to me and to other kids just to encourage them to eat healthy food.”

If you want to get your family eating healthier these booklets are available from your local greengrocer.

If schools want to get involved head to Brisbane Produce Market website and apply.

Anna Wall, QUT News.