Brisbane families and those receiving government payments are struggling to find affordable housing.

The Anglicare Australia Rental Affordability study has found the River City’s cheapest properties have dropped for the third year in a row.

Tom Hartley reports.


At 16, Katie was forced out of home following a family breakdown.

After almost five years of couch surfing, the Wynnum local says she’s still struggling to put a roof over her head.

Katie: “It’s a little distressing because it makes you wonder when is it ever going to happen, because all you ever want is to feel safe and secure in your home.”

And she’s not alone.

According to Anglicare’s report, Queensland rental properties aren’t getting cheaper.

Kasy Chambers, Anglicare Australia: “It really mirrored the position of the rest of the country which really as I say is not a great outlook if you’re looking for accommodation.”

Students Sam O’Leary and Damien Scalora are looking to upgrade from their Lutwyche property.

For now, they say it’s just too hard.

Sam O’Leary, tenant: “You’re combatting not only other uni students who have been searching for six months or so, but also families looking to settle straight away.”

Of the almost five thousand rental properties reviewed in the study, none were affordable for singles receiving government payments and only ten per cent were considered suitable for low income families.

And most can’t afford to start renting anyway, according to Mangrove Housing’s Ann McAnally.

Ann McAnally, Mangrove Housing: “There’s just no middle from being homeless and being very low rent and income into the next step which is private rental.”

The future’s brighter for Katie starting her first day working and ready to help others.

Katie: “I feel like having experienced that myself and now putting it into play, it’s something I’m passionate about.”

Tom Hartley, QUT News.