After almost two decades overseas, Queenslander Chris Saines is back home to take over the running of the internationally acclaimed Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA.

His first day on the job was celebrated with warm and colourful welcome.

Molly Glassey reports.


The Art Gallery was a little busier than usual at eight thirty this morning all for Chris Saines.

He’s no stranger to the art world after heading up Auckland’s Gallery for the past 17 years.

Today he spoke confidently about the future of both Queensland’s galleries.

Chris Saines, QAGOMA Director: “I feel tremendously excited about the possibilities of this role.”

The mood was uplifting, a celebration.

Today’s guests included recently appointed Arts Minister Ian Walker who described Chris Saines as quite a catch.

Friends and old associates who’d travelled from Auckland, spoke warmly of their time with Saines.

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, Museum of New Zealand: “So we hand him over with our love and deepest respect.”

Those who spoke of Chris made one thing very clear, great things are in store for Brisbane’s artistic heart.

He himself highlighting the need to source from our own local artists.

Chris Saines, QAGOMA Director: “I think it’s not just cost effective, it’s smart to look inwards from time to time.”

A fitting farewell from his old Maori colleagues and an equally warm welcome.

Molly Glassey, QUT News.