It may look like fun but for a group of avid kayakers, a race around Macleay Island in Moreten Bay is serious business.

Forty-four competitors took the challenge to determine the fastest paddler around the 15 kilometre course.

Pippa Sheehan reports.


This is the fifth year the Tingira Boat Club has hosted the Macleay Island Classic.

Kayakers between age 19 to 79 gathered yesterday for the 15km race.

There are both team and individual categories with the entry fee benefiting the club and its members.

This year’s race came down to the wire with Cory Hill snatching the lead with 3 kilometres to go.

He held off some persistent paddlers to finish with a time of one hour, six minutes and 54 seconds.

Cory Hill, Winner: “Good to get the win at the end of the day.”

Trent Goulding, Second place: “Yeah, Cory snuck away. He saw his opportunity.”

The race is part of the larger Pacific Ocean Series held at Hamilton Island, Hervey Bay and the Gold and Sunshine coasts.

Event organisers say each year they encourage people to come over to the island, compete in the event, and stay for the weekend.

Pippa Sheehan QUT News.