The homicide squad is investigating foul play in the deaths of a Bracken Ridge couple in a house fire last Friday.

While they have no suspects so far police say the deaths are not accidental.

Laura Churchill reports.


Police say they’re waiting for official post-mortem results before commenting further but they warn those results aren’t expected for some time.

Det Insp Graham Clark, Queensland Police: “We’ve got no official results of the autopsy so I can’t really comment a lot on that but it does appear that the ah the deaths were not accidental or natural.”

Det Insp Clark says there’s no reason for locals to be fearful although police don’t have any suspects.

The bodies of retired army officer Glen Fry and his wife Flora were discovered on Friday morning after a fire tore through their two storey home.

The other occupants, their two daughters and the eldest’s boyfriend, all managed to escape.

The youngest daughter suffered severe injuries and police are unsure when she’ll be well enough to speak.

Det Insp Graham Clark, Queensland Police: “Well obviously the three other occupants are the people that we really do ah want to speak to. We’ve spoken to two of them and they have been very forthcoming and helpful in their assistance.”

Police say as the forensic investigation has just been completed it is too early to comment on how or where the fire started, however it appears there is no sign of forced entry.

Police aren’t prepared to comment on any injuries to the bodies until official reports are released.

Laura Churchill, QUT News.