By Alicia Moo

On 22 March Brisbane’s creative underground scene came alive as local artists were given the opportunity to showcase their talents at RAW natural born artists first 2013 show.

It’s a Friday night in the heart of Brisbane’s night-life, but not a drunken brawl in sight.

The Arena on rowdy Brunswick Street was transformed into a Mecca of incredible talent and a cauldron of artistic thought and appreciation.

RAW natural born artists. Photo by: Alicia Moo.

RAW is an independent organisation whose goal is to support new artists through collaboration and networking events.

RAW’s Australian executive director Kristen Wehlow says RAW is all about providing artists with the necessary tools and resources to promote their work.

“We want artists to fight the good fight and promote themselves independent of a gallery or agency,” she said

“And we want to give artists the right tools and platforms to do so.

“We invite media, PR and professionals to these events to network with new talent.”

RAW promotes all sorts of creative types from photographers, artists and musicians to film makers, make-up artists and fashion designers.

RAW’s motto ‘we dig the underground’ certainly shone through as the atmosphere was alive with indie vibes and youthful creativity.

Guests could freely talk to the artists while mingling with drinks and sampling waffles from The Iron Ladies.

And all the artists’ works were available for purchase on the night.

Several short films were shown and burlesque dancer Miss BB le Buff graced the stage alluring the crowd with playful pink feathers and seductive winks.

Burlesque dancer Miss BB le Buff
Miss BB le Buff flashing her feathers. Photo By: Alicia Moo

The young talent are hand-picked by RAW directors with many of the artists involved still studying in their respective fields.

Amateur photographer Olivia Lam says she is honoured to be a part of such an event.

Her showcase entitled ‘Cloud series one’ was inspired by everyday things we take for granted with a twist of the whimsical and unusual.

“These types of events are really important for artists,” she said.

“They support us and promote our work to people in the community who might not know about us and what we do.

“It’s amazingly beneficial for artists like me.”

Watch this video to see photographer Olivia Lam’s RAW profile and scenes from the night.

Artists Bima Perera who is studying architecture but would like to integrate her studies with her passion for drawing was excited to be involved.

“Sometimes it’s hard to network and find other artists, so being involved in RAW allows me to meet other local artists and get my work noticed,” she said.

“I’m honoured to be a part of such a great night.”

The night ended with an electric scene as beautiful creations from up-and-coming fashion designers hit the runway.

For a taste of some of the fashion on the night, watch this video of Naked in the Night Clothing Co.

RAW began in Los Angeles in 2009 and has since expanded throughout America and came to our shores last year.

Ms Wehlow is excited by the reception RAW has received in Brisbane.

“Brisbane is the first city outside of the States to have RAW,” she said.

“Last year’s first show was full of amazing talent and it has now doubled in size.

“I can’t wait to bring these events to other states.”

I came away with a sense that RAW and its’ artists love who they are and have a passion for what they do and what they are trying to achieve.

So after a night of being inspired by local talent I found myself digging the underground.

To become involved or to find out more visit RAW’s website.

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