The Western Sydney Wanderers are coming to Brisbane tomorrow night, and they’re desperate for a win.

And the question everyone’s asking: whether the Brisbane Roar can rise to meet that challenge.

Maritza Munoz reports.


It was a confident team at training this morning.

Star striker, Besart Berisha was back on the field, after yesterday’s stomach complaint.

The Roar play a home game against Western Sydney’s Wanderers, currently in a goal-scoring drought.

But over-confidence isn’t in the game plan their coach has mapped out.

Rado Vidosic, Head Coach, Brisbane Roar: “Well I think the biggest danger for us is that they’re desperate at the moment, you know. They haven’t scored a goal yet, they haven’t won a game, so they’re gonna come out here and give it everything they’ve got.”

The Roar are the current lead goal-scorers after three rounds, but they’re still keeping their defences up.

Shane Stefanutto, Roar Defender: “Like in the A-League, it’s never gonna be an easy game and we’re preparing for a really tough match and fingers crossed another good performance and we can get the point.”

Western Sydney’s international recruits Dino Kresinger and Shinji Ono could be some of Brisbane’s biggest threats.

But Vidosic says they’ve prepared as best they can.

Rado Vidosic, Head Coach, Brisbane Roar: “The last two days they’ve been really buzzing, so there’s a strong belief in the squad at the moment.”

Although it’s still early in the season, the Roar are hoping to blitz through the remainder of their Spring season. And with the majority of games at home, it could definitely play to their advantage.

The crowd at Suncorp will begin to roar in less than 24 hours.

Maritza Munoz, QUT News.