The parents of Daniel Morcombe are planning to make an official request for the release of their son’s remains.

A big crowd of supporters turned out for this morning’s Walk for Daniel on the Sunshine Coast.

Mikaela Aitken reports.


More than 1,100 participants turned out to show their support for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

His parents are frustrated at still not being able to bury their son.

Bruce Morcombe, Daniel’s father: “If the evidence provided suggests that it is sound and holds water, why would anyone want to retain Daniel’s remains?”

The annual walk aims to promote the importance of children gaining skills to protect their own safety.

In Brisbane, National Bandanna Day added some colour to the Queen St Mall.

More than 50 CanTeen members showed their support for young people living with cancer.

Lauren de Luca, CanTeen member: “It’s really good to have relationships with people who do know what you’re going through.”

Elsewhere in the city, it was “eyes” glued to the sky.

As TV stars, politicians, and citizens faced their fears, to abseil down a highrise and raise funds for Save the Children.

Brooke Satchwell, Australian Actor: “I became involved just because I was simply blown away by the integrity of the work they do, and that it actually is very functional at a grassroots level.”

By the end of the event tomorrow, 205 brave souls will have made the descent down a 36 storey building. Raising more than $166,000 for Save the Children Australia.

Mikaela Aitken, QUT News.