Queensland fire authorities are preparing for a horror weekend.

Strong winds are expected to worsen, which could fan the dozens of fires currently burning across the State.

Megan Lincez reports.


Winds, heat, and dry conditions.

Firies say it’s a recipe for disaster.

Fire teams are already in damage control, strenghtening containment lines in preparation for the worsening weather.

In the last 24 hours, a new fire’s been reported each hour, that’s expected to increase as temperatures soar into the high 30s.

Craig Smith, Incident Controller: “Our concern will be that the wind strength picks up, we are expecting winds in the order of 30-40 kilometres an hour”.

Most fires have been caused by lightning.

However there is concern that some, have been deliberately lit. One man already faces arson charges.

While the dry conditions are fueling the fires, the people fighting them need to be fed and watered as well. And that’s a job in itself.

These unsung heroes are working around the clock to help feed and support the front-line fire teams.

Vox 1: “Yeah they’ve done a good job, the food’s great, and it helps us out and gives us our energy”.

Vox 2: “It’s our fuel, like you need to put petrol in the trucks, it’s our fuel to keep going, they’ve been very good on our food.”

The volunteers say, it’s help they are glad to give.

Caroline Rasmussen, Volunteer: “It’s been good because all the firies have been coming in, they are a friendly bunch, it’s been busy but challenging”.

During fire season, authorities say all residents should remain vigilant and fire proof their properties.

Megan Lincez, QUT News.