A helping hand in Brisbane today for struggling jobseekers.

The Federally-funded Jobs and Skills Expo is an intitative sparked by the recent spate of public service redundancies.

Zoe Bos reports.


With increasing numbers of unemployed, it was no surprise the expo had a large turn out.

Kerrie Samo, Mission Australia Employment: “We’ve had a massive response today, there’s been lots of people interested and we’ve been able to talk with a lot of people.”

Federal Employment Minister Kate Ellis opened the expo, dismissing the State Government’s claim it was a ‘stunt’.

Kate Ellis, Employment Participation Minister: “Whilst there have been over 50,000 jobs created in recent months around the rest of the country, in Qld you’ve been losing jobs at a rate of over 130 a day, for each and every day since the Newman Government came to power.”

The 65 exhibits at the Brisbane Convention Centre, represented employers, employment services and training organisations.

These expos have been held across the country but the recent spate of public servant job cuts, makes this expo more significant.

And some jobseekers today, were recent victims of the Government cuts.

Vox 1: “Because I was working with the department of disabilities and three months ago I lost my job.”

Vox 2: “It’s been a long time since I’ve had to look for a job.”

Jobs and Skills Expos will also be held in Logan and Townsville later this year.

Zoe Bos, QUT News.