There’s more pressure on the Federal Government to distance themselves from embattled MP Craig Thomson, after his home and office were raided yesterday.

The MP’s lawyer is now threatening legal action against anyone who defames his client.

Megan Lincez reports.


The Opposition again called for Prime Minister Gillard to reject the vote of the troubled MP in Parliament.

While the Prime Minister is not commenting, Labor frontbencher Simon Crean today sought to distance her from Mr Thomson.

Simon Crean, Labor frontbencher: “She hasn’t expressed confidence in him of recent times, he has gone to the cross benches.”

Mr Thomson’s lawyer, Chris McArdle, went on breakfast television, threatening to sue anyone who defames his client, as he has not yet been charged.

Chris McArdle, Craig Thomson’s Lawyer: “He hasn’t done anything wrong, you can’t go around saying stuff about people without evidence.”

This morning, it was Health Services Union boss Kathy Jackson, under fire.

Chris McArdle, Craig Thomson’s Lawyer: “Do not defame my client. (Kathy Jackson) So, I’m not defaming your client. You are, stop.”

Mr McArdle claims there isn’t enough evidence to find his client guilty.

Ms Jackson says, he’s in denial.

Kathy Jackson, Union Boss: “Mr McArdle is living in the same sort of fantasy land that Mr Thomson lives in. As far as I’m concerned the evidence is there.”

The police investigation into claims the embattled MP illegally spent union funds, continues.

Megan Lincez, QUT News.