The sky’s the limit for people with disabilities.

That’s according to one local organisation, which is challenging the perception that those with disabilities can’t do physical activity.

Chloe Bassett reports.


Disability educators The Tertiary Place, want the community to realise people with disabilities can be involved in sport.

They’ve partnered with the Clem Jones Centre to host the first SportsSTAR expo.

Participants are shown how to develop sporting game skills.

Angela Leneham, The Tertiary Place Director: “Just like you would see anyone who participates in sport physical activity all of those associated health benefits we also see for people with an intellectual or cognitive impairment.”

The program ultimately aims to have them integrated in existing local sport teams

With the support of the Clem Jones Centre, the SportSTAR program has not only given participants the opportunity to learn new skills, but improved their quality of life.

Steve Heald, Clem Jones Centre CEO: “You will not believe the improvement in their various sports, their swimming and basketball, and it’s just great to go home of an evening knowing you’ve done that for the community.”

Parent, Helen Leneham agrees the progresss is phenomenal.

Helen Leneham, Parent: “I’ve had one boy who use to come here before he came here, he couldn’t lift his hands above his head.”

Already there are partnerships with a swim club and a basketball team to extend the sporting opportunities which have been limited in the past.

Chloe Bassett, QUT News.