You could be sitting on a fortune in unworn clothes.

So why not join a growing trend and recycle your garments?

One Brisbane store is even stocking clothing from Hollywood movie sets and red carpet events.

Alexandra West reports.


The average woman has more than $1,000 worth of clothing in her wardrobe she never wears.

While 430,000 tons of unwanted clothes end up in landfill each year.

QUT fashion experts say recycling is bigger than ever.

Kath Horton, QUT Head of Fashion: “Sustainability is what’s actually called a macro-trend in fashion. It’s been going on for a really long time and it’s kind of here to stay.”

But now recycling clothes has taken a new luxurious turn.

Designer Archives in Queen Street, sources labels from fashion insiders, Hollywood movie departments and average women with a flair for fashion.

Shannan Makauskas, Designer Archives Co-Founder: “It’s really a second chance to own that sold out or must have piece that you can’t buy in stores anymore and there’s also the possibility there that you can consign beautiful clothing, bags and accessories you just no longer wear.”

Dresses previously owned by celebrities including the Kardashians and Megan Fox are now at our fingertips for a quarter of the retail price.

Shannan Makauskas, Designer Archives Co Founder: “This Prada bag here was actually seen on Meryl Streep in the opening scenes of The Devil Wears Prada. This one is for sale at $1,490 it retailed for $3,195.”

This dress worn by Khloe Kardashian retailed at $2,380 it would normally be a dream for me to own, but at just $399, it’s finally within reach.

Unfortunately it’s already been snapped up by someone else.

Alexandra West, QUT News.