It’s one year today since Westfield Chermside introduced its paid parking system.

For some, though, this is not an anniversary to celebrate.

Chloe Bassett reports.


Around 1,000 staff are employed at Westfield Chermside.

They pay three dollars a day to use the centre’s designated staff parking area.

Westfield is looking to extend this to all six of its centres in South East Queensland.

The Shop Distributive Allied Employees Association is fighting to stop that.

It’s aware of the uphill battle they face.

Chris Ketter State Secretary S.D.A.E.A: “We know that we’ve taken on Goliath here, but even Goliath has to bow to the will of the people.”

But they’re determined to support the low income earning retail employees.

Vox Pop: “I don’t think it’s fair no, we’re doing a service here.”

Vox Pop 2: “We’re coming here to work, I don’t feel we should really pay to come to work.”

Some staff are using free spots in nearby streets. Residents aren’t happy.

Beverley Ticehurst, Chermside Resident: “In the street annoys me that they park right across the drive way.”

In February the shopping giant announced a net profit of over $1.5 billion. Staff at Westfield Chermside contributed one million dollars to those earnings through paid parking.

QUT News rang West Chermside management for comment. They did not return our call.

Chloe Bassett, QUT News.