Three hundred military personnel were officially welcomed home today at the Gallipoli Barracks in Enoggera.

The troops were reunited with their families after being deployed for more than six months.

Alexandra West reports.


It was a day of celebration for Australian soldiers back safe and sound on home soil.

The parade officially welcomed the troops returning home from Afghanistan and East Timor.

Their efforts were applauded and their service to the nation recognised.

Australian Colonel Ben James, Deputy Commander of CT-U: “I couldn’t be more proud of the manner in which the soldiers approached their mission and stuck to the task at hand, and today was a great way to recognise their service.”

The Chief of the Army highlighted Australia’s growing support for our soldiers.

Lieutenant Chief David Morrison, Chief of the Army: “The nation understands what our men and women in uniform are doing for them.”

Months spent away from loved ones can take their toll, especially missing cherished moments.

Michelle Watkinson, 7th Brigade Soldier: “I missed her first birthday, I missed her first steps, I missed the lot.”

While most veterans are happily reunited with their families, some will suffer long term trauma as a result of their overseas deployment.”

The Chief of Army says help is available.

Lieutenant Chief David Morrison, Chief of the Army: “If you are troubled by your service, if there are things you have done or seen that don’t sit well with you, don’t try and self medicate talk to somebody.

While it takes time for some soldiers to settle back in, the reunion with families is always a special moment.

Vox Pop 1: “It’s great to have him back.”

Vox Pop 2: “It’s great, I’ve missed them a lot.”

Vox Pop 3: “I didn’t really know my daughter because she was born just before I left, so it’s going to be good to get to know her now that I’m back.”

Alexandra West, QUT News.