Overall crime in Queensland has increased by six per cent in the past 12 months.

Topping today’s statistics; the number of armed robberies and theft.

But there are encouraging signs that crime rates in some other key areas, are decreasing.

Zoe Bos reports.


Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson and his Deputy Ian Stewart joined Police Minister Jack Dempsey to release the report. It shows a six per cent jump in the overall rate, the highest increase in 10 years.

Areas with significant increases included arson up 24%, car theft 22% armed robbery and break and enters both more than 10%.

Of the increases, police say they are particularly concerned about a new trend where criminals are breaking into homes for the purpose of stealing the homeowners car keys and then their cars.

Bob Atkinson, Commissioner: “And it’s a terrible thing to have to ask but we’re asking people to hide their car keys in their own homes.”

However, it’s not all bad news with fraud, sexual offences and unarmed robbery all down by at least nine per cent.

Keeping the crime rate down will be the key focus of the incoming Commissioner, Ian Stewart.

Ian Stewart, Deputy Commissioner: “One of the mantras that I will be using throughout my time as the Commissioner is for our people to stop crime because I do believe, I honestly believe, there are ways we can do that.”

The latest crime report also details month-by-month statistics for the past 15 years.

Jack Dempsey, Qld Police Minister: “This is only the first step in ensuring that data is available to the community.”

And a new app has been released by Police today as a tool to help the community get in contact with them in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

The new “Policelink” app directs users to the right area to report crimes. It also provides directions to the nearest police station.

Zoe Bos, QUT News