Embattled Federal MP Craig Thomson was in the spotlight again today.

New South Wales and Victorian police searched his Bateau Bay home, taking away evidence, including examples of Thomson’s handwriting.

It’s part of the ongoing investigation into the alleged misuse of Health Service Union funds.

Jessica Case reports.


Officers spent two and a half hours at the Central Coast home.

The two States’ Fraud Squad teams rolled into Mr Thomson’s street around 7am, presenting a warrant before searching the property.

Craig Thomson, Former Federal MP: “I’m very confident that at the end of this investigation in terms of the position that I have taken from the start and no amount of shouting from the media here will change that view or the way in which this investigation will go.”

Just after 10, the eight officers emerged loading a number of bags, and boxes of documents into waiting cars.

Officers then went to Mr Thomson’s nearby electorate office.

Craig Thomson, Former Federal MP: “These are legal matters that are now being conducted by the police in terms of their investigation and we are co-operating with police as we have done today.”

The latest police action threatens to derail the momentum that the Gillard Government has built up in recent times.

Ministers finding out about the raids, on the TV news.

Stephen Smith, Defence Minister: “As I left my office I saw the report. That’s as much as I know.”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott praised police for their work.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “The police have shown a lot of diligence in trying to ensure that low paid worker’s money is not misused. I just wish the same diligence had been shown by the Federal Government.”

Police are reportedly in the final stages of their investigation into Mr Thomson, for allegedly spending HSU funds on prostitutes, air travel, entertainment and making cash withdrawals in excess of $100,000.

Jessica Case, QUT News.