A parking U-turn by Brisbane Airport Corporation today.

The BAC has bowed to overwhelming public disapproval of their changed domestic passenger pick-up arrangements and from November 6, will change them back to the way they were.

Ashleigh Stevenson reports.


The back-flip comes after the airport operators received more than 300 formal complaints about the introduction of a pick up zone, 400 metres from the terminal.

The plan was designed to ease traffic congestion, but the BAC admits it made a mistake.

Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO: “If I’ve learnt anything out of this experience is understanding that you’ve got to get it right in all ways and not just focus on one part of the answer.”

So from November the existing pick up bay will be used as a waiting area until passengers are ready to be collected from the kurbside, just like it used to be.

Commuters say those changes can’t come soon enough.

Vox pop: “It worked before. Why wouldn’t it work still?”

Vox Pop 2: “I think it will be a lot better.”

Vox pop 3: “I’m actually lost and I’ve been to the airport 30 times.”

Over 35,000 passengers move through the domestic terminal every day. And with those numbers only set to rise, this is clearly not a long term solution.

The BAC admits another system will eventually be needed.

Julieanne Alroe Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO: “We will have to obviously increase both road and terminal access over the next few years.”

The kerbside pick up zone will be heavily policed to make sure cars don’t stay longer than two minutes to avoid heavy congestion.

Ashleigh Stevenson, QUT News