Firefighters have been backburning this morning in an attempt to control wildfires in Brisbane’s west.

Police say arson is suspected in many of the outbreaks and warn Brisbane is on high fire alert.

Maritza Munoz reports.


Just 24 hours ago, fire was only three metres from these houses.

Yesterday’s Springfield fires were among the first of the Queensland wildfire season.

Today, firefighters were backburning to stop them from spreading to the other side of the road.

Len Jeavons, Bushfire Education Officer: “We’re going to backburn along this road here to send a controlling fire back in to meet the head fire to stop the fire rushing onto the Centenary highway.”

By midday, the majority of fires were under control, but with unpredictable weather, it’s unclear how long this will last.

The major concern for firefighters now are the strong winds and high temperatures, which are expected to peak in the 30s over the next few days

Len Jeavons, Bushfire Education Officer, Rural Operations: “We’ve gotta watch the wind, it will be dangerous for firefighters today with the wind gusting and being variable, we’re not sure which direction it’s coming from, we do have a number of fire crews in the fire ground trying to contain the fire to stop it spreading to the west.”

Firefighters and police are also concerned many of these fires are being deliberately lit.

A 27 year old man was due to appear in the Ipswich Magistrates Court today on a number of arson charges.

Police say there’s been more than seventy wildfires in Brisbane’s west since the end of July.

Maritza Munoz, QUT News.