It’s national Kidsafe Day and there was a tasty fund-raiser in King George Square this morning to kick it off.

Jessica Case reports.


The charitable group Kidsafe held a “great cook off” to raise much needed funds.

The organisation’s dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the resulting deaths or disabilities.

Susan Teerds, CEO Kidsafe Queensland: “In Queensland ninety-thousand children every year attend hospital emergency departments as a result of a preventable injury.”

Of particular concern, the dangers posed by reversing vehicles and how easy it is for children to go unnoticed.

Susan Teerds, CEO Kidsafe Queensland: “You can fit behind your average falcon or holden about fifty or sixty toddlers and not see one of them.”

With one hundred and sixty children injured each year in low speed collisions, the Kidsafe organisation hopes today’s initiative will raise awareness of this frightening statistic.

But with summer around the corner, child safety is not only around the home, it’s outside as well.

The Sun Sense UV photo bus aims to encourage people to cover up when they are outside.

Andrew Flanagan, Sunsense Tour Manager: “People come in, they see this, the damage that they didn’t even know was there and leave with this whole other perspective on how they’re going to look after themselves in the future.”

The bus offers a free test to each individual to see how they measure up against skin damage.

And now it’s time for me to take the test. Hopefully I’m not ageing too quickly

But my score was just above average, so sun damage has already begun.

Well I better keep wearing my sunscreen.

Jessica Case, QUT News