Brisbane police have had a busy 24 hours dealing with a spate of robberies around the city.

Meanwhile, a female driver had a lucky escape this morning, after her car burst into flames on the Gateway Bridge.

Megan Lincez reports


The drama happened at 10.15 this morning on the northbond one-o-five exit.

The driver pulled over when she noticed smoke coming from her car, moments after she got out the car caught on fire.

A QUT News crew was first on the scene and helped direct traffic around the vehicle.

Fire fighters arrived 5 minutes later and doushed the vehicle with water.

The driver was in shock but not injured.

The car was a write-off.

Police are calling for public assistance in regards to a recent spate of robberies across the Metropolitian South Region. The attacks targeted Subway Stores.

The first robbery occurred after a woman held up a Wishart subway store at 9pm.

She threatened a lone female attendent with a blood filled syringe before leaving with cash.

Half an hour later the Baskin and Robbins ice cream shop at Camp Hill was also attacked by the same person who fled with a sum of cash.

Later that night more Subway stores were targeted.

It is reported that two men wearing balacavas robbed the stores in Salisbury, Carindale and Victoria Point between 11.20 and 12.50 last night.

They used sledge hammers to gain entry to the stores before escaping with cash.

Police looking for a red Suzuki Swift, used in the robberies.

Megan Lincez QUT News