Moped riders could face tougher licensing conditions if a local council’s recommendations are implemented by the State Government.

Logan City Council wants riders of bikes below fifty C-C’s to pass a special license test just like their motorcycle counterparts.

Jacqueline Allen reports


Under current law, commuters in Queensland can ride motorcycles under fifty C-C’s on a standard car licence.

But that could change based on the findings of a parliamentary licensing inquiry.

Logan City Council traffic engineer Deva Naiker told of complaints of motorcycles tearing through back streets and the need for some sort of licensing basd on either engine capacity or age.

The inquiry also heard from industry groups, riders associations and road safety experts.

The RACQ says more needs to be known about motocylists profiles before changes are made.

Steve Spalding, RACQ: “So we know that motorcyclists are certainly overrepresented but we need to know more about their skill level, their licencing and the type of motorcycle or moped that they are riding.”

Revised legislation would see moped riders required to undertake additional training and testing.

While the focus is on safety, mo-ped enthusiasts say tougher regulations will make people think again when it comes to scooters.

David Hinchliffe, Moped enthusiast: “I don’t think I would have initially got a moped if I’d known that there was a requirement for a licence. Because it’s easy it makes it that much simpler for someone to get a moped.”

The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland also made a submission to the inquiry.

Ross Blackman, QCARRS Queensland: “We tend to think that there needs to be a greater focus on attitudinal issues with motorcycle riding, ways to reduce risk taking.”

The inquiry coincides with Queensland’s highest motorcycle road toll in three years.

Five fatalities already in October see the toll up forty per cent on 2011 figures. Findings from the inquiry will be tabelled in state parliament later this month.

Jacqueline Allen, QUT News.