The Armor-all Gold Coast 600 has wrapped up for another year with a record number of spectators.

Despite the event’s success its future beyond 2013 is still uncertain, and hinges on State Government funding.

Alexandra West reports.


The Gold Coast’s $4.5 billion tourism industry is driven by major events and there’s none bigger or better than the Gold Coast 600.

The clean up is now well and truly underway but over three days of racing crowds topped 182,000 and the event is being hailed a major success.

Kurt Sakzewski V8 Supercars: “Great weather, great racing, the crowd was great and well behaved so we sort of ticked all the boxes.”

The V8s always draws crowds, but add the beach and clear skies and there’s an even bigger attraction.

Will Davidson, Sunday Race Winner: “Probably the most enjoyable event we come to all year, it’s very challenging and it’s such a unique event. It’s the hub of V8 Supercars in Queensland.”

In previous years the event’s success has been questioned, but after continuous re-formatting, the annual racing carnival has finally found its feet.

The State Government is weighing the economic benefit of its six million dollar annual investment, but organisers say it’s critical the event’s contract is renewed.

Gold Coast Tourism says a detailed analysis of the event will ensure it does maintain Government support.

Ben Pole, Gold Coast Tourism Director of Communications: “It’s a sustainable and worthwhile event for the city and the state.”

Funding for next year is locked in, but beyond that it’s anyone’s race.

Alexandra West, QUT News