Some of the newest designs from the world’s biggest car brands are attracting big crowds at the Australian International Motor show in Sydney.

But finding a hot deal could be much closer to home.

Jake Duke reports.


They’re glitzy and glamorous, but for many of us, these cars are well out of our price range.

However, there is some good news for new car buyers, with more shallow pockets.

You could be big winners, in a small-car price war.

Toyota’s new Corolla hit the market today at the same price it was 11 years ago $19,999.

Steve Spalding, RACQ: “ For Toyota it’s about making sure the new vehicle is attractive in the market, it’s recieved well and ideally the purchasers choose that car as a preference over others.”

In response Ford, Nissan and Mazda slashed prices on their small car models.

And it’s a lucrative market making up around 25% of all new vehicle sales.

Andrew Bunce, AP Eagers: “Demand is very strong in the Australian new car market; we’ve got historic volumes of new car sales in Australia, driven mainly by low unemployment, low interest rates and record affordability.”

The discounting way on overseas brands, puts pressure on the Holden Cruze, the only locally-made small car.

But despite how much car prices change in the highly competitive Australian car market one thing remains certain, the consumer is going to reap the benefits.

Jake Duke, QUT News.