A new app designed for the Australian Defence Force is being used as a training tool for dealing with medical emergencies.

And today, university students put the Mobile Medic, to the test.

Susannah Treacy reports.


When real emergencies like this occur it’s hoped the Mobile Medic will have proven to be a life saver.

Designers of the app focused on how the Australian Defence Force might benefit from the clever training technology.

It works by making these posters the patients and the iPad or smart phone the diagnostic tool.

Today, two year students gave it a test run.

Isabella Todd, Army Medical Student: “I think the mob medic app is really, really good, it’s a very similar style to the style of cases we go through in PBL.”

Students are put in the role of Medical Officer and have access to methods like x-ray, CT scanning and ultrasound to diagnose their patient.

They have only four steps to do this and then it’s time to select an immediate form of treatment.

All scenarios are true to life and have been adapted by Medical Officers, so students are getting the real experience.

Capt Andrew Crowe, Australian Defence Force: “I’m hoping that it’s going to allow us to interact a little better with some of these medical students and allow them to get a little more insight into what they’ll do in the Australian Defence Force, within a medical career.”

The Mobile Medic campaign will be visiting 16 different universities around Australia, and the Australian Defence Force are hoping that it will increase the numbers of medical officers in the future.

Even though the Mobile Medic app is available for anyone to download, it’s tailored for people with a medical background.

Susannah Treacy, QUT News.