A Queensland yachtie is lucky to be alive after being stranded at sea for 10 days.

Glenn Ey is safely back home thanks to an amazing rescue operation off New South Wales.

Susannah Treacy reports.


After spending a week and a half floundering hundreds of kilometres off the coast, the 44-year-old was more than ready to be rescued.

And his Mum and Dad were more than happy to see him safe and well.

Mr Ey was full of praise for his rescuers.

Glenn Ey, Rescued Yachtsman: “These guys have been extraordinary, Australia’s very fortunate to have people like this, honestly it’s amazing.”

The Gold Coast yachtsman was heading south from Sydney when a monster wave hit 11 metre yacht, Streaker, tearing off the mast and rolling it over.

The experienced sailor hoped he could find his own way back to land.

Glenn Ey, Rescued Yachtsman: “I’m not the sort of person that runs for help, I wanted to try to do my best and sort it all out.”

By Tuesday morning Glenn realised he needed help and activated his emergency beacon.

Rescue authorities diverted two commercial flights.

Incredibly, passengers spotted the yacht through binoculars.

Water police then headed out on a 20 hour rescue mission to reach him.

And after a 1,000 kilometre round trip, Glenn reached dry land early this morning.

Colleen Ey, Mother: “My prayers have been answered, that’s what I said to him.”

As for Glenn, he’s in no hurry to get back on the water.

Glenn Ey, Rescued Yachtsman: “I’ll be quite happy to sit under a tree for a while to be honest.”

His yacht is still to be salvaged.

Susannah Treacy, QUT News.