The Korean pop star responsible for the “Gangnam Style” sensation took to the stage in Sydney early today.

Eager fans waited all night so they could see “PSY” in action.

Bianca Britton reports.


Hundreds of fans packed Martin Place in Sydney this morning to go “Gangnam Style”.

It’s creator A 34-year-old Korean popstar known as “Psy” arrived in Australia yesterday and says he’s still coming to terms with his rise to fame.

Psy, Popstar: “Everything goes way too fast, so I didn’t have any chance to realise where I am right now. But yeah, as you told me – I’ve got to enjoy it.”

His hit song has topped charts in 33, including Australia and has been viewed half a billion times on YouTube.

It was named after the Seoul district, Gangnam where the popstar was born. It apparently pokes fun at the posers who flex their muscles, good looks and money.

Even the Sunrise team joined in on the fun.

Psy’s only other performance while he’s in Australia is at a Sydney nightclub tomorrow night.

Bianca Britton, QUT News.