Shock figures about Australian kids show half of our 10-year-olds are on diets.

And boys are more likely than girls to have body image issues.

Kendall Wegener reports.


The year-long review by the Institute of Family Studies has revealed 75 per cent of 10 to 11-year-olds admit they’ve tried dieting and exercise to lose weight.

Amelia Webster, Nutrition Australia: “We do tend to see more children worried about their weight and body image.”

And more boys than girls, 52 per cent of boys had image issues, compared to 48 per cent of girls.

Nutritionists say the consequences of children crash dieting are frightening.

Amelia Webster, Nutrition Australia: “There’s a risk that children won’t get the essential nutrients they need for growth and development.”

Children crash dieting is a relatively new trend in Australia.

Promoting a balanced lifestyle and sports at a grassroots level is a better alternative.

And Brisbane’s Lord Mayor today announced the first round of a new $10 million grant scheme to get more kids back into sport.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “We can promote an active and healthy lifestyle, that’s the best way of keeping a healthy body.”

Funding would give clubs like Cricket Queensland access to the lighting facilities necessary for after-school sport.

Richard Powell, Cricket Queensland Acting CEO: “If we could get those lit at night we’d be able to get more kids playing cricket.”

Extra funding could also push down the costs of club sport, encouraging more children to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.

Kendall Wegener, QUT News.