Julia Gillard’s fiery speech about sexism and misogyny continues to spark interest around the world.

She was questioned about it during her three-day visit to India, at a young leaders forum.

The Prime Minister wraps up her tour tonight, when she meets with India’s leaders.

Susannah Treacy reports.


The Prime Minister officially opened Ozfest at Deli’s historic Old Fort last night.

Indigenous artists helped kick off the four-month festival, featuring more than 100 events in 18 different Indian cities.

Earlier, Ms Gillard attended a Young Leaders forum at the Australian High Commission.

And was put on the spot, when asked how she really felt about the Opposition Leader.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “That’s a very hard question. Day to day I don’t spend much time thinking about the Leader of the Opposition. I bear him no personal ill-will and I hope he is the leader of the opposition for the rest of his life.”

The Prime Minister’s final stop on her three-day tour is a meeting with both the President and the Prime Minister, where her plan to sell uranium is sure to be discussed.

Susannah Treacy, QUT News.