An 81-year-old woman has died in a house fire in Melbourne’s East.

Police say a neighbour used a garden hose to try and douse the flames.

Katlynn Bradder-Denning reports.


The body of the elderly woman, who lived in her house for more than 50 years, was found near the toilet.

The fire is thought to have started at 2:30am behind the fridge in the kitchen, burning the three rooms, roof, car and neighbouring fence.

It is not known if she became trapped by the flames or debris.

Snr Const Cameron Lunny, Victoria Police: “It appears that inside there’s quite a lot of debris been kept by the resident, this might have assisted with the fuelling of the fire.”

Meanwhile, Oxford Street in Sydney has been shut down by fire fighters after a bus engine caught fire.

All forty passengers and the driver of the city-bound bus escaped uninjured while fire fighters extinguished the blaze.

Katlynn Bradder-Denning, QUT News.