The Queensland government is considering cutting back and even abolishing water restrictions in Queensland early next year.

This move will increase water use and help pay the debt on the South East Queensland water grid.

Kendall Wegener reports.


Water Minister Mark McArdle detailed the government’s plan today.

So while Queenslanders have become good water conservers, it could be time for a change.

Mark McArdle, Minister for Energy and Water Supply: “We have had people who have done exceptional work in relation to keeping their water down and it is time to reconsider whether we need these restrictions going forward into the future.”

The minister will write to the Queensland Water Commission in the next week requesting they review the situation.

Increasing water revenues will help the government service the South East Queensland water grid debt.

However Brisbane rate payers say restrictions should always be in place.

Vox 1: “I think they should relax water measures because the damns are quite high now.”

Vox 2: “When restricitons are relaxed, people will use water a lot more freely.”

Vox 3: “Save it. Simple as that.”

They say any change should ensure people don’t abuse the system.

Rate payers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the lift in water restrictions.

The move has been welcomed by those in the gardening industry.

Nova Garden Nursery at The Gap says they’re getting busier as the weather warms up but educating the public on water use is the key.

Mark Hawkins, Manager Nova Gardens: “They are not using water anything like they used to. They are thinking about it, picking appropriate plants and thinking about water loss. The government has done a great job and we have followed it up in the industry as well.”

Kendall Wegener, QUT News.