Police swooped on a inner city house and self storage building early this morning and uncovered millions of dollars in cash along with drugs and weapons.

The raid happened after a routine traffic stop on Sunday night, when a 32-year-old Queensland motorbike rider tried to evade police.

Katlynn Bradder-Denning reports.


The drama began on Main Street, Kangaroo Point before the suspect was eventually stopped in Fortitude Valley.

Police say he provided false identification but further investigations led them to the man’s home and then to the self storage shed.

Geoff Sheldon, Qld Police: “We’ve now seized a number of concealed firearms, a large amount of drugs including anabolic steroids and what we believe is possibly cocaine and methamphetamine as well as multiple millions of dollars in cash.”

It is alleged the man was carrying drugs, a knife and cash.

Searches at the home found a semi-automatic handgun, steroids, speed and cocaine.

A search of the storage shed found a sawn-off firearm, a taser and suitcases full of millions of dollars in cash.

Police are unsure how long the money and weapons have been stored here.

But the shear quantity of cash found will require the help of a banking institution to count it.

Police claim the man isn’t operating alone and may be part of a gang.

Geoff Sheldon, Qld Police: “I think there’s obviously some sort of links there but we’re rapidly trying to acquire where he’s from, what he’s doing and who he’s associating with to work out what links he does have.”

The man is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday on drugs and weapons charges.

Katlynn Bradder-Denning, QUT News.