Two teenagers at the centre of yesterday’s high speed joyride have appeared in court charged with several offences.

It’s alleged the pair travelled at speeds in excess of 160 kilometres an hour.

Michael Kersnovske reports.


The four hour pursuit came to a smokey end with police drawing their batons as they approached the vehicle.

Two men allegedly stole a Brisbane City Council ute just before lunch on Sunday.

Police allege two men, aged 16 and 18, stole the vehicle from Boundary Road, Richlands, and led them on a four hours chase across 16 suburbs.

They used stingers to stop them on the Warrego highway, outside Gatton, almost 80 kilometres from where it began.

The men are charged with failing to stop a motor vehicle, damaging police property and dangerous operation of a police vehicle.

Michael Kersnovske, QUT News.