The young guns of Rugby took the field in Southport today, for the Queensland Sevens Schoolboy Championships.

The championship is the warm-up event for the Rugby Sevens World series, which kicks off on the Gold Coast tomorrow.

Mitchell Dunk reports.


Twenty-four Schools from across Queensland took part in the Sevens Schoolboy Championships today.

Defending champions and favourites, Keebra Park made an early impression on the competition.

As the name implies, Rugby Sevens matches have just seven players per team with speed and agility the driving force.

Robbert Donaghue, Rugby Queensland: “I think it’s our T20 version of the game, it’s short, quick and anyone can play, it’s really easy to play and exciting to watch.”

And the players agree.

Keebra Park Sevens Team: “I find the game really fun and I suppose everyone else does in this team here and yeah it’s a fun game.”

The sport of rugby sevens has seen an increase in popularity since its World Series debut in 1999.

And now some of these young stars may get a chance at a gold medal at the Rio games in 2016.

Robert Donaghue, Rugby Queensland: “There’s probably potentially a number of kids here playing today that will represent Australia in the Olympics in 2016.”

The top three teams from today’s event qualify for the national schoolboy championships tomorrow.

Mitchell Dunk, QUT News.