Brisbane’s very own Oktoberfest begins tonight.

The event runs over two weekends and is expected to attract crowds of over 35,000.

Tahnee Dunk reports.


Welcome to one of the top ten Oktoberfests in the world.

Brisbane’s RNA showgrounds will be transformed into a vision of pork knuckles, German sausages, giant pretzels and thousands of litres of hand crafted German beer.

The event, run by two German families is in to its fifth year.

And it’s not just for the adults.

Lisa Wallis, Oktoberfest: “This year were really focusing on families so Sunday is family fun day there’s rides, face painting, there’s petting zoo and lots of other things for the kids.”

Among the events the Bavarian Strongman Competition, Yodelling, Traditional music and Miss Oktoberfest.

“So Tahnee this is the Miss Oktoberfest cow this is Daisy so you need to bond with the cow. Hi Daisy, it’s not a real cow just to let you know. Isn’t she gorgeous and grab hold of her teets and you just have to push down, there is a knack to it, so you have a go. Lets give it a go, oh I got it. There is a few drips.”

Tonight’s events will begin with the official opening ceremony the tapping of the first beer keg and the pork knuckle of destiny.

Michale Van Der Drift, Haxen Havs: “So Michael these are the pork knuckles you will be selling during the event. Yes that’s right Tahnee this is one carton of about 3,000 pork knuckles and we will be selecting one premium pork knuckle which will weigh about a kilo that we will be auctioning off for young care.”

And if you haven’t tasted them before: “Absolutely delicious once we get sauerkraut and the mash potato with it you’ll be coming back for seconds.”

Even though Oktoberfest is kicking off at the RNA showgrounds this weekend you can celebrate Oktoberfest all year round here at the Brisbane German Club.


Tahnee Duncan, QUT News.