Forget New York, London and Paris beautiful fashion is right in your backyard.

This weekend, Brisbane residents will be treated to a fashion show featuring eco-friendly designer clothes.

Alicia Moo reports.


It’s not your average fashion show.

The organisers of the show dubbed “Undress Brisbane”, hope to make sustainable fashion a number one priority for consumers and retailers.

Edda Hamar Undress Brisbane: “To try to shift the reputation I suppose that sustainable fashion has and to try and make it something more accessible to people.”

The main event will be held tomorrow night on level 4 of Chinatown Mall’s Wilson car park.

It will feature recycled furniture, organic cocktails and three catwalk shows all with a friendly nod to the environment.

All the designers involved practice sustainability. Whether that be using eco-friendly material or recycling the old. Here at Can You Keep a Secret vintage is not just a style it’s a way of living.

Emily Moss, Can You Keep a Secret: “I love vintage. Vintage is wearable art, I love all things vintage it’s beautiful, it’s made with love.”

Retailers say the rise of online shopping is disconnecting people from the hands-on shopping experience.

Ajanta Willert, Can You Keep A Secret: “I’m not really an online shopper myself. I think people are getting really lazy and we’re getting out of that whole people communicating thing that we used to have when you had to go into a shop and buy something.”

So the message of Undress Brisbane is don’t throw away your mum’s old clothes breath new life into those pre-loved threads and resurrect those forgotten treasures.

Alicia Moo, QUT News.