We haven’t seen it for some months in Brisbane so today’s rain was certainly a welcome relief from the hot weather.

But don’t get too used to it we’ll be back to sunny skies within days.

Roisin O’Brien reports.


This is what caused the skies to open up a rain band, moving up from southern States which blanketed much of the South East.

And it quickly caused traffic to bank up, motorists not having driven in the wet, since July.

We’re being urged to take care in the more treacherous conditions.

Joe Fitzgerald, RACQ Spokesperson: “The most important thing on wet weather days is to drive to the conditions not necessarily the speed limit.”

There were a number of crashes on Brisbane roads today, luckily no-one’s been seriously injured.

Panel beaters are expecting to be busy, as more prangs are called in.

John Murphy, Manager Bowen Hills Auto Body: “Front and rear end, they’re the most common caused by rain.”

Many people found themselves making unexpected purchases.

Jade Phillips, Sales Assistant: “People are buying umbrellas already; I think they’re preparing for the rainy weekend ahead.”

But the Bureau of Meteorology says the rain should ease over the weekend.

Predeep Singh, Media Relations, Bureau of Meteorology: “This cloud band is moving quite quickly and it’ll clear the coast in a few hours time.”

The best falls today were recorded in centres around the Sunshine Coast.

With a hot dry summer predicted, it looks like this is the only rain we’ll be seeing for some time. But the ducks are enjoying it for now.

Roisin O’Brien, QUT News.