Well, there were more than 500 artists and models at the Greek Club last night.

It wasn’t for a parade or a movie shoot it was an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

There was just one catch, all the models were bare.

Lauren Marer reports.


Forty models de-robed in an attempt to break the record for the largest drawing class.

And there were plenty of body styles With models aged from 21 to over-60.

After a quick warm up, the 30-minute lesson began.

Nudity didn’t phase the artists their focus was completely on what they were drawing.

The attempt also raised awareness about participating in life drawing classes.

Manuel Petavrakis: “We’ve got a whole bunch of newbies that were encouraged to come along by their artist friends and hopefully like our first attempt in March this year, many of them will become after the event.”

The record attempt, the second by West End’s Art Shed, attracted 471 artists.

Unfortunately, the Guinness record is 871.

So get your crayons sharpened for lucky number three.

Lauren Marer, QUT News.