It’s National Firefighters Remembrance Day.

And in Brisbane officers, colleagues, family and friends, gathered to honour those who have fallen.

Tahnee Duncan reports.


On the tenth day, of the tenth month each year, it’s a time to pause to remember firefighters who lost their lives while protecting ours.

John Cawcutt, QFRS Acting Assistant Commissioner: “We meet today to remember and honour our fallen comrades who are undoubtedly highly skilled and courageous and we miss them greatly.”

In Queensland, 49 firefighters have paid the ultimate price.

Each loss symbolised by a strike of the old Ithaca Station bell which once called firefighters to duty.

John Cawcutt, QFRS Acting Assistant Commissioner: “We remember you today, we remember you next year and we will never forget you.”

Community Safety Minister, Jack Dempsey, said firefighters face risks every single day as they work to defend lives and property.

Firefighters worldwide consider themselves as part of a wider family. All feel the death of any member.

Lee Johnson, QFRS Commissioner: “It’s a broad church, it’s a worldwide family and firefighters from all over the world share the same feelings and concerns.”

And the same pride in their work.

Tahnee Duncan, QUT News.