Queensland’s two key emergency services unions have joined forces against State Government cut backs.

They’re launching a high-profile advertising campaign, to stop the downgrade of fire and ambulance services.

Alicia Moo reports.


Ad: “Firefighters and ambulance officers jobs are hard enough. Campbell Newman’s cost cutting attacks only makes it harder.”

Frustrated by government cut backs, United Voice representing ambulance officers and the United Firefighters Union are taking this serious message to the public.

Gary Bullock, United Voice Qld: “We’re not going to allow them to die on the job and we believe Newman will have the blood on his hands.”

The Newman Government has continuously failed to respond to the unions concerns. Ambulance and fire officers in the frontline have been left with no other choice but to take drastic action.

The firefighters union has written five letters to Minister Jack Dempsey who has failed to respond.

John Oliver, United Firefighter Union: “The moral is dropping significantly. Their anger is growing day by day.”

It’s the first time these unions have launched this sort of campaign attacking the government.

And United Voice plans to do everything in its power to maintain efficient services.

And another vital rescue service the AGL Rescue Helicopter used to find the missing vintage plane last week, is facing a funding crisis.

Gary Bullock, United Voice Qld: “We saw the AGL, which is a private provider up on the Sunshine Coast saying with the funding cuts they won’t be in the air within the next 12 months.”

It needs $400,000 to keep operating.

The ad campaign launched today will go to air this Sunday.

Alicia Moo, QUT News.