Members of the US Navy Electronic Attack Squadron showcased the next addition to Australia’s Airforce today.

The FA-18 Growler, the most advanced electronic warfare aircraft in the world, is expected to be in operation by 2018.

Mitchell Dunk reports.


Australia is the first country outside the US to order 12 Growler Aircraft.

As part of the billion dollar acquisition, The US Navy Scorpions Attack Squadron has been assisting the RAAF to better understand the aircraft’s capabilities.

Comm John Kurtz, US Navy: “It’s like cheating, the aircraft is so capable, it provides so much information especially compared to some of the older prowlers.”

As part of its advanced capabilities, the Growler will feature specialised jamming electronics.

These pods allow the aircraft to rapidly detect and interfere with radar systems, providing a significant boost to combat efficiency.

Comm John Kurtz, US Navy: “From our perspective our goal is to enhance mission success and increase mission survivability by putting the enemy behind timeline.”

The Royal Australian Air-Force will soon send personnel overseas to assist in the acquisition and training of Growler aircraft crew.

The Scorpion unit will spend the next two weeks taking part in a bi-lateral training exercise with the Australian Air-force.

Lt Laura Combs US Navy: “It’s fun to get to actually climb in a jet and get to use all that knowledge especially with the Australians that’s been pretty neat.”

Despite this, the Scorpions say there’s nothing sinister about the aircraft’s name.

Mitchell Dunk, QUT News.