Are we preparing well enough for an ageing population? New research suggests the answer is “no”.

The Community Liveability Guide outlines what governments should be doing to create, maintain and sustain liveable communities.

Cavill McClune reports.


The Guide was developed by the Queensland University of Technology in partnership with the Queensland Department of Communities.

It’s already in the hands of local councils and relevant state government departments.

Professor Laurie Buys QUT: “Brisbane is currently preparing for the ageing population and they’re doing a good job in getting that preparation done. It does take a lot of effort and it takes everyone working on different fronts to get that done.”

Research identified five key factors that were crucial to enhance liveability, including mobility, accessibility, safety, social support and affordability.

Professor Laurie Buys: “It is very important so that it doesn’t take a lot of effort for older people to get to the bus stations and then the waiting times are an issue as well, we need to reduce waiting times.”

Using public transport is something many seniors admit they struggle with.

Research shows that older people are choosing to drive rather than take public transport, not because of high ticket prices but due to long walks between stops and a lack of shade.

Another reason seniors opt to drive is because of a lack of knowledge about the public transport system.

Brisbane Seniors Online teaches seniors over 50 how to use websites such as Translink and Google Maps.

Dick Bennett Brisbane Seniors Online: “We teach you computers, usually in your own home and we do have classes in certain areas, so we are able to teach you how to use your computer safely and confidently.”

According to the guide making public transport easier for the elderly, is the most important factor to make Brisbane a more liveable and accessible city.

Cavill McClune, QUT News.