Queenslanders are being urged to prepare early for the summer storm season.

Authorities are saying the best time to get ready for wild weather is now.

Roisin O’Brien reports.


Police Minister Jack Dempsey launched the “Weather the Storm” campaign at Southbank’s Streets Beach today reminding Queenslanders to be vigilant.

Jack Dempsey, Police and Community Safety Minister: “We’re going to have a number of storms and likelihood of a number of cyclones and obviously we’ve got to make sure we’re prepared and we’ve done all the preparation in place to make sure we don’t have any surprises.”

Insurance companies also are urging people to do all they can to prepare.

Frank Adler, NRMA spokesperson: “Simple things, keeping the gutters clean, making sure branches are cleared and if they do see a storm approaching make sure outdoor patio furniture is secure so there are no missiles during a storm.”

A number of bush fires are already burning in Queensland with fires on the Gold Coast, the Darling Downs, Gatton and South Ripley.

With drier conditions, firies also are warning residents to be prepared.

Bernard Trembath, Qld Fire Service: “What people need to do is be aware, be prepared and have a plan.”

Large areas of South East Queensland were under water almost two years ago, home owners are being urged to check their insurance policies as more wild weather is predicted.

Brisbane City Council is continuing its trial of the early warning service for potentially dangerous weather events.

Residents can register online.

Roisin O’Brien, QUT News.