Eighteen soldiers have been injured, one is on life support after an horrific crash at Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney’s south-west.

The open-topped troop carrier rolled during a training exercise.

Mitchell Dunk reports.


It’s believed the open-top troop-carrier rolled onto its side at 8.40 this morning.

Reports say the vehicle had been driving on rugged terrain, prior to overturning.

Another vehicle was travelling behind the truck and was able to radio for help after witnessing the accident.

Steve Blair, Police Inspector: “The fact that there was a vehicle behind travelling in convoy and was able to radio through that they needed medical assistance was a help in these circumstances.”

Ten ambulances and a helicopter were called to assist the injured soldiers, eight of whom were taken to hospital.

The two most injured head and spinal injuries.

Police investigators remained on scene, trying to work out the cause of the crash.

Steve Blair, Police Inspector: “The investigators will be there until the crime scene is fully examined, it may be some time.”

The military base is home to the 17th Signals Regiment and plays host to visiting commando and other combat units.

Mitchell Dunk, QUT News.