The union representing Queensland police is calling for tougher measures to clamp down on violence at parties organised through social media.

It follows wild clashes between party goers and police over the weekend.

April Chan reports.


This party at Holland Park last Friday night, was meant to have only 200 guests.

But after invitations spread over Facebook more than 1,000 people showed up.

Police were called in, three teenagers were arrested and four police vehicles were damaged.

The night after, police were called to another rowdy party at Deception Bay.

The Queensland Police Union says advertising parties on social media increases the potential for violence.

Snr Sgt Shayne Maxwell, Acting President QPU: “These parties are going to occur more and more. We can’t control social media at this stage, so therefore it’s going to be a regular occurrence.”

The Union says it’s a waste of police resources.

Every weekend, quiet suburban streets like this are filled with teenagers who have seen invitations to big events over Facebook, causing problems for the police and for the surrounding community.

Experts say more needs to be done to teach young people about the impacts of social media, rather than banning it.

Susan Hetherington, QUT Lecturer: “It would be much better to teach children and their parents about responsible use rather than try and prohibit it.”

Two of the young men arrested at Holland Park will appear at the Magistrates Court later this month.

April Chan, QUT News.