Mental health issues are often neglected.

But the facts are one in three Australians will suffer a mental illness before the age of 25.

Mental Health Awareness Week is not just about highlighting the conditions but also where you can find help.

Caitlin Hargrave reports.


If you’re walking through Queen Street Mall this week, you may come across the ClearThinking Cube.

Three volunteers will spend three days and nights inside this 3 metre by 3 metre cube as part of Brisbane’s Mental Health Awareness week.

The aim is to raise funds to establish a Queensland Centre for Youth Mental Health.

The Centre will provide a safe space for young people to talk to specialists about mental health issues.

Dr James Scott, Psychiatrist: “We’re hoping to raise awareness both about mental health problems amongst young people, it’s mental health week this week, and we’re also hoping to raise funds to do research in to youth mental health.”

Technology is a major contributing factor to mental health issues among youth, with social media a main cause.

Dr James Scott, Psychiatrist: “We notice a lot of bullying goes on through cyberspace.”

Mikaela Moore is a first time volunteer for the Cube.

Mikaela Moore, Cube volunteer: “Personally I just want to get out of this is raising awareness, raising awareness.”

Nicole Boyge, Aust Alliance Mental Health: “Mental health issues are just like any other illness. It’s just part of the
human condition.”

Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by calling Lifeline, Mensline and Kids Helpline.

Caitlin Hargrave, QUT News.