Jill Meagher was farewelled today at a private funeral service in Melbourne.

At the moving ceremony, family and friends spoke of her unique personality and her passion for life.

The 29-year-old disappeared while walking home from a night out.

Her body was found less than a week later.

Matthew Gharakhanian reports.


The private service was attended by 150 members of Jill’s family and friends.

Many were her co-workers at the ABC.

Doves were released outside the chapel to end the service.

Loved ones got to say their final words as they comforted each other.

Tom, Jill’s husband said “goodbye my beautiful, funny girl. I will love you forever”.

Edith, Jill’s mother said “her light will shine on forever”.

Her father sent a message to his daughter with the help of a friend.

George Meagher, Jill’s father: “Though we can’t be together right now, we are together in our thoughts and memories. Looking ahead to that time, when I can see you, and be with you again.”

The public response to Jill’s untimely death has been overwhelming her family released a statement.

In Jill’s hometown just outside Dublin, a public mass is being held tonight followed by a peace march.

Matthew Gharakhanian, QUT News.