Health Services Union President Chris Brown has welcomed a decision to prosecute his predecessor Michael Williamson.

He says the arrest would help rank and file members draw a line under past leadership problems.

Laura Bianchi reports.


Police dropped the bombshell late this morning that they had charged Williamson with 20 offences relating to long running investigations into the alleged misuse of HSU funds.

Police also conducted a search of Mr Williamson’s home.

They say five other people including Williamson’s son were involved in the alleged scheme.

Colin Dyson, Detective Superintendent: “The investigation has not eliminated any persons of interest. In fact, we have more persons of interest now than we had in the start.”

The first five charges allege Williamson recruited others to thwart police investigations into union corruption.

These allegedly include the removal of a bag from HSU offices prior to a police search and the destruction of HSU computer files and American Express statements.

The other 15 charges relate to Williamson allegedly making a misleading statement to members of the union.

Detective Superintendent Dyson says more arrests are possible.

Colin Dyson, Detective Superintendent: “Whether certain people are certain of those persons of interest are charged will depend on the weight of available evidence at the end of the investigation.”

If found guilty Williamson could go to jail for a maximum seven years.

Laura Bianchi, QUT News.